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Interceptor is a space fighter simulator set during the Second Interstellar Wars (see Valiant Galaxy Timeline) and takes place roughly a thousand years in humanity's future. Your mother ship is traveling between two points when it is attacked by a fleet of Gray vessels. Your job, as an Interceptor squadron leader, is to engage the enemy and destroy them before they reach your mother ship.

The game has two modes, quick mode, and normal mode. In quick mode, the game is much simpler, and is good for stress relief or a few minutes of blasting aliens. In normal mode, the game becomes a matter of resource management and tactical decisions. In normal mode, damage to systems negatively impacts your fighter in significant ways. For instance, damage to a pilot's waste disposal system impacts the performance and damages multiple other systems. Balancing fuel concerns against most efficient methods of attack is also important. The game has ten levels, five types of alien fighter, and three other alien ships that must be destroyed.

Interceptor is self-voicing and menu-driven. It does not require extreme mouse or keyboarding skills; you don't have to position a gun in precisely the right position to hit your target. The game can be played in thirty minutes to an hour.